1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
作者 crispy chris the barber 2007年8月19日
A shit or a poo or a turd
"I've got to drop a nasty bird" said Jimmy as he ran to the toilet to pinch off a loaf.
作者 Paris George 2005年9月28日
a girl a guy has sex with anytime he likes ; a ho
man1: remember Lakeisha
man2: she is a fuckin bird
man1: hell ya everyone got in that shit
作者 Andre 2004年12月06日
having some sort of issues.
After talking with that ho last night, that girl got serious birds.
作者 Ricky Roma 2003年10月25日
former or active k.k.k. member or old drunk
man that bird tried to change its feathers
作者 Anonymous 2003年8月19日
1. Senator, National Hero opposed to the war mongers in the white house
2. a flying thing
All hail Robert Byrd!
look theres a bird flying
作者 Michael 2003年3月05日
a cheap article of clothing
Yo bro, that shirt is bird. Cheap cheap.
作者 aNT4 2004年12月04日
1.a girl u fuckin around wit
1.yo me n my niggaz ran a train on dat bird d otha day, son.
2.famz,n i need 2 get these birds ona street.
作者 Kool-Aid 2004年9月10日



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