1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
作者 crispy chris the barber 2007年8月19日
Bird is a female. It's old school for chicks. Ask your grand parents.
Checking out the birds.
作者 D'Andre L. Ford 2005年6月24日
key of dope
birds go for 10,500 from me
作者 SARAh 2003年12月09日
Slang for Girlfriend
Will: You comin round with the boys tonight man?
Dan: I can't, I'm seeing my bird.
作者 LMRLANCS 2008年2月02日
A person that gets "around" a lot. a whore, or a playa. Meant in a negative way.
I dont fuck with her, shes a bird.
作者 White Boy Alex 2008年1月30日
British slang meaning girl. Like the American chick.
Man: I was talkin to that bird just the other day.
作者 Ja Jackson 2005年7月22日
As I learned from a friend who had to spend the weekend in jail for a DUI, "bird" is jail slang for chicken.

Why be so specific and use the word "chicken"? Bird is a more convenient word to memorize for a person with only a 100 word vocabulary.
"Yo, I gonna get my grub on dat bird yo"
作者 Ant2562001 2012年9月19日
Slang word used for helicopter
Check out that bird in the sky man
作者 Chiquita 2007年7月10日


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