Bird is the word!!!
Did you not see the ornipholigical piece of the avarian variety?! hmmm thats strange because a bird bird bird, bird is the word!!
作者 Peter Griffin Jnr 2009年6月18日
1. a gangster in southern California known only as "bird"

2. someone who deals drugs in brick form, mostly cocain.
"man i gotta get to the bird to get my stash."
作者 "chicago" 2008年1月11日
An animal who enjoys flying and tweeting.
That bird seems to be enjoying himself flying and tweeting.
作者 TheJEnigma 2004年5月08日
A JET,or other plane
lets get the bird in the air
作者 IYAOYAS 2003年12月08日
Police informer. Originating from 'Stool Pigeon' and 'Singing like a Canary'
Watch me murder the bird before he testify
作者 Hell4aHuslta 2003年1月24日
a very very very lame way of sayin "yo momma"
Boy: ur gay!!
girl: yo bird.
boy: who tha hell says that? i mean wat the hell is that sposed 2 mean anyway?
girl: its another way of sayin yo momma.
boy: then y the hell dident u just say yo momma :|...
girl: ...iono because im a follower n not a leader and i do wat the masses do... *runs and crys*
作者 TaMichael 2006年11月09日
a total pimp straight up gangster with a tight ride who gets all the girls ridin on chrome.... male not female usually totally awesome with many homies and bitches
gary: man christian is the only bird ever
tyler:yeah i know that kid billy is not
作者 annonymous624 2006年6月02日



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