1. A woman who flies from one man to the next. Can also be applied to males.

2. When birds eat, their heads kind of bob back and forth. This term is used for women or men who suck a lot of dick.
1. This chick had three boyfriends this past week. She is such a bird.

2. Last night at the party, Madison sucked my dick, Jack's dick, Vincent's, and Gabriel's. No wonder everyone calls her a bird.
#blowjob #blow job #slut #whore #smut
作者 MagyIsAwesomer 2009年2月21日
a package containing contraband
I've got them birds flyin in the coop all day. (coop refering to the trunk of a automobile)
#pack #pie #cake #chicken #weight
作者 Ryan Lindsey 2006年11月15日
a replacement for the overused expression "word" usually said while giving a "high fist" to a friend after something deserving of said action.
bird! ('nuff said)
作者 bri 2003年7月11日
Bird is the word!!!
Did you not see the ornipholigical piece of the avarian variety?! hmmm thats strange because a bird bird bird, bird is the word!!
#family guy #orniphological #avarian #peter #griffin
作者 Peter Griffin Jnr 2009年6月18日
1. a gangster in southern California known only as "bird"

2. someone who deals drugs in brick form, mostly cocain.
"man i gotta get to the bird to get my stash."
#bird #gangster #brd #byrd #brick #cocain #rich #big #drugs #gang
作者 "chicago" 2008年1月11日
An animal who enjoys flying and tweeting.
That bird seems to be enjoying himself flying and tweeting.
作者 TheJEnigma 2004年5月08日
A JET,or other plane
lets get the bird in the air
作者 IYAOYAS 2003年12月08日


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