your mother, mom, mama..watever
Shayla: Yea girl so what you doin this weekend??

Shani: Girl me and my man we goin to da...{ring ring}aww
hold on girl this my bird callin me!!
作者 Glamoriousj 2007年12月15日
Cocaine( white, snow, c, perico, perics, linias and go old coke......etc.
used by jeffree, edwin, aaron, fernando, sylvia and more people in montebello and east los angeles, ca

hey let's go cop some bird.
作者 Bamm bamm 2007年12月02日
a female whose a hoe, slut, cunt, bitch... etc
She fucked him! What a fucking BiRD.
作者 MiSZ BABY PHAT 2007年4月22日
the mind/brain: thoughts about
Girl you stay on my bird.
作者 pnther 2005年5月01日
$100 in the east bay
ima throw down a bird on that.
作者 watitiz pimp 2005年3月02日
a term for a colonel in the U.S. Air Force
That man over there at the pentagon is a full bird!
作者 Rolento 2003年11月06日
Built In Rogue Dildo - The stub where a hand or foot once resided that can be used for self pleasure. May at times dabble in rogue patterns.
Hey man, look at the guy with his BIRD up his anal cavity!
作者 gilios 2005年9月17日



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