An adjective used to describe someone of homosexuality
Evan Abrams,a jewish boy who loves the OC and Halo, is sort of bird.
作者 From Train 2005年11月27日
a girl with a atitude
"yeah she a bird she stay sh*ttin' on me.
作者 Said 2003年12月04日
a females vagina
i wanna treat her like its thanksgiving and stuff her bird.
作者 gee money 2003年9月06日
The ability to draw like souls
I was minding my own business and then I was her Bird
作者 Derek Wohlust 2003年5月17日
bothered. used sarcastically, so if u said 'im canny bird' it would actually mean 'i really dont care'
im bird
im canny bird
pretty bird like
作者 jim 2003年3月04日
a pussy, punk male
Man this bird nigga tried to get tough last night
作者 Redrum 2002年12月08日


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