slang for tab of ecstacy.
Is everything on the menu tonight?
Yeah, everything except those biscuits.
作者 Virgil Cornelious 2007年6月09日
shoes that are significantly worn and generally considered to be cheap by your peers.
Yo, where'd you get those biscuits at? The dollar store?
作者 heartical 2006年11月30日
crazy and/or insane.
Man 1- yo man, don't talk to melissa man, she straight biscuits!

Man 2- word?

Man 1- yea man, buttermilk!
作者 stye kye 2010年8月10日
What you risk it for...
Risk it for a biscuit
作者 SuperCam 2014年12月16日
Someone who is consistently flaky.
Man, Brian cancelled again! He's such a biscuit.
作者 emdawg777 2013年3月14日
1. old-men comfort shoes, first official crip shoe

2. guns
wearing my fresh pendlton shirt, beige khakis, and biscuits I stepped outside

me n my Boys always ride wit our biscuits
作者 2008年5月20日
A girl who reeks of awesomeness. Occasionally, she may be a little flakey, but that's why everyone loves her. She lights up everyone else's life.
"Hey, why does that girl always share her cookies with everyone?"

"Because she's a total BISCUIT!"
作者 nugget410 2009年11月03日



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