the realest people ever. we may be violent at times. but ALL of us aren't ignorant and uneducated. in fact many of us are educated and very well off. people that come across many times of testing. Puts God first. and doesn't give a care about what anyone personally thinks of us. we do what we know how to do well. i'm beautiful, black, and proud!
i don't care if yuo like what i wrote or not because i am a black pupil that refuses to see these stereotypical definitions of black people.
作者 You'll Never Know (: 2010年3月17日
1. A social mechanism introduced by the government into early colonial American culture for three reasons: first, to give the British farmers a means to get farm work done without doing it themselves or forcing their Irish servants to do it; second, to keep their Irish servants in line by intimidating them with superior size and strength; and third, to entertain their British women with superior size and strength.

2. One who is very concrete-thinking and intelligent, but who lacks the motivation to reach upper management levels due to adherence to "bros before hoes" or some similar ideal. In this case, rich white men would be considered "hoes."

3. Still a source of entertainment for British women in modern America.
1. When the early slave trade introduced the black person to America, everyone was happier for it, except the black people and the Irish. So, basically just the Brits, Germans, and Dutch.

2. COLLEGE ADMISSIONS GUY: Would you care to see the pamphlet for our prestigious college? We offer a wide variety of sports and other social activities, such as lacrosse, chess club, Socratic seminar, sudoku club, and-

BLACK PERSON: No way. I'm a firm believer in bros before hoes.

3. SARAH: ...and let's not forget, West Africans are huge. Their bodies are freaking gigantic, alright?
作者 Bertoffski 2008年1月01日
When you think of black people, what do you think of? Do you think of someone who steals from your home, speaks improper grammar and relies on well-fare? Well, you obviously don't see us as people, you see us as thieves. White people have stolen the most out of all of the races. Sure, the ghetto makes us look bad, but not all of us live in the ghetto. Heck, Eminem lived in the slums, and he is white! None of you white people try to think of that, do you? So many people discriminate against us, even other blacks. Fuck all of you racists
Racist: I hate black people.
Racist 2: I know, I hate how they always eat chicken and drink kool-aid.
作者 cutegirl476 2012年1月07日
A person who is black. They do not pronounce their e's or r's.

Not to be confused with nigger or african american There's a huge difference between the 3.
Person 1: Yo, look at that nigger over there!

Person 2: No dude, that's not a nigger, that's a black person!
作者 q1w2e3r4t5y6u7i8o90asdfghjklpm 2008年8月05日
1) Noun: People who are black. Actually range from dark brown to very light brown/almost white. A potentially great people who let poor education, poverty and negative cultural influences hold us back. We still have yet to become completely equal in terms of lack of discrimination and equal opportunities, but we're getting there and we're still in the fight. Even if some of us just barely are and some of us in the inner cities just want to get by on hustling until we're killed or put in jail and some of us in the suburbs just care about our own personal financial upward mobility.
Racist white person: "You people don't give anything back to society. We gave you everything."

Black person: "America is a creation of both black people and white people. Go to Google and type in "African-American inventors" and "African inventions" or "African civilizations" and enlighten yourself."
作者 New Edition Fan 2008年7月10日
A race that is known for their kindness, strength, well being and the ONLY RACE that has so many things happen to them and still manage to survive. Black people should not be taken for granted, they are strong men and women, who today show that they can be better then any other race. Black people should be congratulated on the success they have had other the years. Look at all the well known names in our society today, there are many famous black people, better then White people. Black people are sterilised everyday by just the colour of their skin, and it's not a very nice thing not all black people are "frm the hood" or "eating fried chicken " but unfortunately some of us are. That doesn't mean to say that any other race can discriminate or be racist towards us! I'm a proud black women and I'm proud to be black They were once put down for and they are not going to be put down again, black people are rising!
White boy: Wow is that the president, I didn't realise he was a black man

Black girl: Yeah didn't you know. He is a proud black man too he embraces all aspects of his life to incorporate them into his job.

White boy: Really?? What's he planning to do

Black girl: He planning to stop racism and make it fairer for black people.

White boy: Ha in ur fucking dreams nigga!
作者 KFAx 2010年10月02日
Smart, Creative, Intelligent and Strong. Black People Don't Take Shit From Anybody. Black People Are Independent and Can Take Care Of Themselves. They Will Do Anything To Protect There Family. They Are Also Get A Casual Spanking If They Are Disciplined and Aren't 'Hood Rats' Only With A Few Exceptions.
Black People Stick Up For There Family So If They Knew That Harm was Coming They Would Do Anything To Protect Them.
作者 Jaaydie 2010年4月27日


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