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girl who gives head frequwently to anybody who askes and some that don't

aka whore
laura is a bobblehead
作者 slak 2004年7月01日
A bustdown; or a girl that gives good head.
That bitch is a bobble head dont fuck wit her, she suck everybody dick
作者 Jasmine Carter 2005年12月21日
The act of oral sex, hinted to in my own definition of gooseneck. A direct reference to the head of the female bouncing up and down around the cock-al region of a male during fellatio, resembling a bobblehead doll after its head has been tapped.
Dude, she gave me some amazing bobblehead last night.
作者 Paul L-K (while blunted) 2005年3月22日
-n; refers to a female who freely gives oral sex to random males without pay
You can always get oral sex from her because she's a bobblehead.
作者 Gabrielle Jones 2005年11月21日
A person who gives a lot of blow jobs.
"Does she put out?"
"No, but she's a great bobble head."
作者 C_CA 2006年6月08日
a girl that sucks so much dick that her head is refered as a bobblehead
that girl was on me wit a bobblehead!
作者 Jay 2004年1月08日
someone who gives head to anyone at anytime
christines such a bobblehead, right ashley?
作者 *Yo Momma. 2006年5月22日


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