Big Ol' Gal - A southern expression describing a large girl.
The BOG's were out at Walmart today.
作者 poppa jayroe 2010年8月16日
the state of complete exhaustion and exertion due to extreme physical activity; bogging (verb)
"Ho brah, I was bogging the other day when I had for run three miles."

"I am going to bog if I have to play the whole game."

"I am so out of shape that I am going to bog very badly."
作者 D-rek H, Imanaks 2009年1月28日
To bust ass, or let a particularly "ripe one" loose.
After eating chili and hard boiled eggs for lunch, phil bogged in class and completely cleared the room.
作者 thatoneguywhodoesthings 2007年3月02日
bog is sweedish for sex
sweedish man: hey fancy some bog?
random person:Bog? WTF
作者 Mark williams 2005年5月22日
To be sad or dissapointed; not happy
I am bog, I miss her
作者 Dre 2004年2月09日


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