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1.A bengali expression for someone who is lacking sufficient knowlage

2. A bengali expression for "Dick Head"
He's One Boga
He's One Boga
作者 KasH 2003年9月20日
Not Bengali but a Sylheti, dialectic, slang for the male penus
The statement:

Amar boga thor foondhedhi bortham reh malehnewri methor or foori

Simply translates to:

I would like to insert my Penus in to your vagina 'oh girl who is taken by water demon, daughter of the cespit cleaner...
作者 Robin, Zangi, Noori, Sally... 2004年3月19日
bengali word for a male persons penis
i want to put my boga in your cunt
作者 mike rotch 2003年5月06日
A word of no real meaning, just a joyfull way of keeping a conversation going or starting one
Alex: Hey man!
Joe: Boga!!
作者 iFlameLife 2010年8月23日
False statement (lie) and/or a false act, or a fake item.
"That is bogas", "This is bogas", "To fool someone with a false act, item or a misleading statement" with untrue material, thus being "Bogas".
作者 manaboli 2011年4月12日
Bend Over & Grab Ankles
Check it out she's as we speak
作者 Jermizzle 2004年10月19日


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