bitch out crew
shit, you're on BOK again?!
作者 the beatles 2001年2月25日
Top Definition
Useless banter. To talk when no one cares. Usually used in succession..bok bok bok. It is kind of like the adults speaking in Charlie Brown. They are talking, but no one is listening.
Joe is talking about his girlfriend..bok bok bok
作者 Pepe 2004年9月28日
1. Invitation to have fun.
2. Polite language of F*CK
BOK with me.
We did it!!! We BOKed on our hard work!
OMG! Bruno Mars made French Kissing as the trending topic worldwide on twitter! BOK YEAH!
#bruno mars #bock #booyah #preeshiate chu #hornigans #hip-trust #brunogasm #pandahugs
作者 nengbuyah 2011年7月03日
means shit in turkish
You bok head
Up the boker
Go bok yourself
i need a bok
#poo #head #dog #sex #bum
作者 dean muckle 2008年3月27日
Adjective used in South Africa to mean "especially keen" or "enthusiastically interested"
You bok for another beer?
#keen #willing #enthused #excited #bokbefok
作者 stubaan 2009年8月23日
contraction of "springboks" the name given to the south africa rugby team
"the boks are playing the all blacks tonite, are you gonna watch?"
作者 mo-licious 2005年7月13日
the sound a chicken makes.
"bok, bok, bok," jimmy shouted as he flapped his arms and trotted about, then added, "YOU'RE A CHICKEN!"
作者 mamma 2003年12月02日
another word for tipsy
"i'm so bok!!"
"sorry about last i was a little bok"
#bok #drunk #tipsy #alcohol #bock
作者 alex illingworth 2007年8月27日


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