Slang term for cigarette
"They were in the bathroom smoking boogies"
作者 krispychickun 2015年6月02日
synonymous with spliff - a handrolled mixture of tobacco and marijuana. a combination of 'bogie' and 'doobie'.
lets roll a boogie?

no, i'd rather roll a joint. i don't like to have my dessert with my dinner.
作者 katie katherine 2010年7月27日
To 'party' with a girl or 'hook up' with her.
"Me and her boogied the other night."
作者 Diego 2003年8月18日
1. to leave

2. a kind of rock dance

3. (and booger) a piece of solid mucus form the nose
Later, dudes! I've gotta boogie.
作者 Light Joker 2004年12月29日
Anything that is descriptive.
#1: Damn, she's boogie.
#2: That party last night was mad boogie.
#3: That's some boogie-ass shit.
#4: Are we in Africa? No, son, we're in boogie town.
作者 T-Boogie & N-Boogie 2009年6月19日
cigg, smoke, stigie, blunt.
lets smoke a boog.
lest smoke a boogie McBoogerton.
作者 Bessy 2003年1月28日

1.) to refer a subject, object, or thing as being lame
That play was boogie.
作者 mk09 2011年4月15日



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