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1. pirate treasure, plunder or other ill-gotten gains

2. butt, ass, specifically female posterior

3. sex, screwing

4. crap
1. Capt. Yellowbeard: "Split the booty, mates!"

2. Ike Turner: "Shake dat booty, woman! I said shake it! <slap>"

3. Capt. Yellowbeard again: "Split the booty, mates."

4. Vanilla Ice: "What does it mean that my career was "booty". I've never heard that one."
作者 MC Lucidious Mo\'nashiss 2003年4月18日
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Another word for ass
good god she has a nice booty
作者 Anonymous 2001年10月19日
Approximetely 1/3 of what rappers see in chicks. The other 2/3:
Shes got one fine booty! And a great body! And huge racks! She's the whole package, yo!
作者 Zach G. 2003年11月12日
a girls ass, only if its phat.
guy1: damn look at that niiice booty
guy2: ima tap that ass tonight
作者 . . . . . . . 2005年5月07日
Pirates used this word to describe treasure.
Arr, mateys, claim the booty!
作者 Will 2004年1月25日
A part of the body where the thighs meet. If's it's really big, it's often attractive.
I like really big booties.
作者 Eddy 2003年12月23日
Another name for an ass.
Shake your booty tonight on the dance floor.
作者 PJesus 2004年9月15日



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