Your ass.
Don't drop any slice of my booty, or I'll have your booty!
作者 I eat swag for breakfast 2014年8月26日
Means ass or butt that can shake and is big and beautiful and can be worked any where!
J-Lo has da BOOTY
作者 Whitney 2003年4月01日
pirate: Where be me booty? Did you take it red, cuz if you do i'll be sending ye to the deep!
作者 Ghandi 2002年9月18日
Something you don't get.The end
Friend:Yo Jay do you get booty?
Jay:Absolutely not.
作者 TRVPGVLD 2016年5月12日
Finest ass you'll see
“Antonio has the booty”
作者 Squeaky Bon Devik 2015年12月20日
The Two Cheeks That Clap Together When You Shake DAT A$$
You Can Eat The Booty , You Can Drop The Booty Low , You Can Clap The Booty .
作者 Gotta Eat The Chin Right 2015年6月22日
An ass or butt that is big Specifically a females
That girl was grinding on me with her big booty last night.
作者 Ugly ass Noodlehead 2015年4月14日


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