a piece of an ass this all i can write for
she got the booty and i am getting horny thinking about it
作者 mfmjrd 2007年10月30日
Another name for your ass or butt
Damn I seen some big booty at that website bigbootyclub.com
作者 Maurice 2003年11月15日
another word for butt or ass

also known as khein
P1: Hey, what's the definition of booty?
P2: khein
作者 hi134578643 2014年7月05日
A double bubble shaped figure below your back. If big, then pronounced "cake" If small, pronounced "pancake"
You got that cake. I got that pancake. But she got the average booty.
作者 polkahonas4 2014年6月27日
A word to define a good butt (ass).
Damn she got a good fine ass booty!
作者 A Pervert 2014年4月26日
Slang name for butt..i like booty.
Damn, that bitches booty is big as hell!
作者 Ten Wangmo 2012年4月13日
One of the many things in life in which the bigger, the BETTER!
作者 Salmon834 2012年1月17日



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