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short for about, it sounds more ebonic this way
damn bitch what was dat bout
作者 eric 2004年3月10日
Short for "about".
作者 Fangsta 2003年3月17日
1. A shortened way to say "about to."
2. Draws between two or more people, usually in a competition.

1.Yo, I'm bouts to go to the mall.

2. A contest between antagonists; a match: a wrestling bout... Since it's plural that means contests.
作者 Tazzie Baby 2008年7月19日
Bout- Word that Black people use as in going to
I'm Bout to go to the store
We Bout to go to the Mall
作者 Awesome Forever 2015年3月14日
Ebonic way of saying '' about ''
I need some money, you know what I'm talkin bout!
作者 Monty Black 2010年11月18日
To leave a current situation immediately.
Oh no, I just spotted your x-girlfriend! B-out!
作者 therookie 2008年3月06日
A negative response to something. instead of using the word "shit" use the word "bouts" Pronounced - (BOOTS)
"OOOH MAN THATS BOUTS" or "if he says that, tell him Bouts"
作者 Safe bredrins 2006年7月19日



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