A slang in Trinidad when a man after sex with a woman ejaculate in or out of her
e.g. He break inside her, left his ejaculate in her vagina.
"In talk with male friends, yes i break in her mouth and pussy. She suck me until i break on her like a bitch.
#sex #ejaculate #semen #cum #cock juice
作者 trini2dbone 2010年6月22日
to have hot sex
i wanna break u baby
作者 break 2003年6月01日
Something Beyonce doesn't know the meaning to.
I've been working for eight hours, I think I should take a break.
#rest #breather #recess #pause #hiatus
作者 laylarown 2010年5月01日
A Judge or Magistrate.
Iffin' yer mouthpiece is Tammany ye'll be gettin a compliant Break t' yer trial.


Don't sass back t'th' Break.
作者 Bob Prochko 2005年9月21日
First experience having a dick in ur pussy, first orgasm
i got my break at 15
作者 naughygrl 2005年5月28日
To surrender an object or money, usually to another party.
"Thats a dope piece and chain. Best to break yoself punk, before I gotta bust yo ass!"
作者 company ink 2005年8月17日
To take a ho's money, thereby making her broke.
I'm gonna break that bitch, pimpin'.
作者 DaSnoopinatorFoSho 2003年3月22日


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