A women usurping the authority of a man in the relationship. He thought he was going to runnin the shit, but she "flipped the scriped" and now she is runnin it. He thinks he is just being helpful and considerate, he doesn't realize she broke him slowly.
Man says he won't do housework. She gets him sprung and then after a while he is doing 50% of the housework. He is broke. She broke him.
作者 Anonymous 2003年5月14日
This food is broke.
Those chicks were broke as hell.
作者 Hellabored 2003年3月28日
An extremely good, bad, and neutral stance on any one subject. An acceptable answer to any question.
Did you see that bitch?
1.Yeah, that shit's broke.
Do you see my new shirt?
2.Yeah, that shit's broke.
Clean your room.
3.That shit's broke.
4.That ride is so broke.
5.broke? Yeah, nigga BROKE.
作者 cyst 2005年9月17日
Another term for a homosexual (male). Originating from the fact that the stereotypical gay male has a "break" in his wrists. Also stemming from the idea that heterosexuality is "fixed" or correct, so homosexuality has to be "broken".
Hey man, I dont know about your homebody Antwan... I think that somethin's broke.
作者 10101011 2004年10月05日
Used to describe marital fidelity.
1. She broke my dick, man (I'm completely faithful to her).
作者 Col. Dr. 2006年4月23日
left (past tense of break)
that nigga broke when he seen us comin'
作者 Monkey 2004年1月31日
Past tense of break.
Dat punk nigga done broke his dick!
作者 YoMama 2003年5月05日



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