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A bubu is a slang word used in the northeast for the hottest most beautiful women out there. A bubu cheek is the dopest woman out there, she tops em all.
"Damn she's bubu"
"where the bubu's?"
作者 sean murray 2006年10月12日
An endearment term to use for your loving, gentle husband that always put you as his top priority; a masculine version of Baby
Bubu darling, you are always the best!
作者 Wifey Marconi 2015年4月04日
Baby, shorty (also Bu). Sometimes used as a synonym to 'small'. Often used as ainterposition when talking to/about females and kids.
Hey bu what you what's for dinner tonight?
Hey bubu where your toys at' ?
作者 imamillionaire 2009年6月07日
Term used to define your female lover, if you are a female. (in a friend-like way) Term derived from ZeePee, a little known basketball player, when using the term "bu" to a female. He was known for being female-ish, and not spelling words correctly, which is why females use it on other females jokingly. Males using it without the "no-homo" line may seem homo. :)
"Hey bubu, whatcha eatin today in the library?"

"Bubu I missed you!"

作者 Bubu #1 & Bubu #2 2009年5月29日
in the Marshall Islands, bubu is grandmother.
Bubu is the new name of mother earth.
作者 StarryBlue 2008年7月29日
The most awesome fucking dude on the whole god damned internet.
bubu fucking kicks ass!
作者 George Slice 2004年8月27日
A cry baby. Always complains about every thing.
Stop complaining you are such a bubu!
作者 alex roz 2006年7月29日


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