Slang term for a Formic, an insect-like alien race from the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Formics were often called buggers because they resembled ants to some degree, and a hive-like reporductive strategy.
It was all up to Ender to destroy the buggers forever.
作者 Ender Wiggin 2004年9月01日
A person who is awesome at finding bugs in software. A Quality Assurance equivalent to a hacker.
Hacker1 : Did you see how many bugs that dude found in your code?

Hacker2: Yeah, he/she sure is an awesome bugger!
#booger #buggie #bug #boogie #buddy
作者 verdedev 2012年6月13日
An Australianism or Aussieism for shit or damn, it actually has many many uses.
Can be put with the words "it" or "off" to make to similarly different meanings.
Bugger off you Nigel!
Bugger it! The spanner slipped and I've ripped all the skin off my knuckles.
#shit #damn it #crap #fuck #hell
作者 Woohzal 2008年3月11日
Noun: A gadget, usually in the form of a plug or socket, inserted into an electronic device in order to test or bypass interlocks. Also used to make the damn thing work because the interlock has failed at a critical time. USA Navy slang, WWII vintage, now much used in the USA National Labs.

Verb: To bypass an interlock, either directly with a jumper, or by the use of a "bugger".
Bugger out the Radiation Chain. Use the X-Ray Safety bugger.
#bypass #jumper #widget #bug #drop-out box
作者 yraster 2010年11月19日
An exclamation made following a disappointment
This dress is too tight. "Bugger!"
I just trod in dog poo. "Bugger!"
作者 Krishna 2004年1月06日
It is actually derived from England not Australia.
Well bugger me! (exasperation)
#vermin #lad #rascal #rubbish #sodomy
作者 K-Diggity Dawg 2007年3月20日
to sodomize
Big John, the altar boy, buggered the priest.
作者 Harley 2002年9月25日


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