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It is a combination of being high maintenance and real hood or street. A person that desires class but hasn't quite acknowledged what class is.
A broke chick sporting real prada and real gucci while riding the bus is bughetto...and that was purchased with her whole check!
#faux uppity #hood snoot #wanna have class #bugie #ghetto
作者 Sassmeplease 2009年5月14日
damn, you couldnt even spell it right, much less get the defenition right.
correct way: boughetto- a mixture of boughy(rich, fancy, etc) and ghetto(opposite of boughy, duh).
see the Ali and Murphy lee song Boughetto: "got an expensive weave? thats boughetto, spend 600 on weed? thats boughetto"
作者 youngblood88 2004年10月13日
Its a mix of bugie, something thats really fly or cool, and ghetto, something is tacky/awful/cheap or just ass it usually is ghetto.
An expensive weave is bughetto because a weave in itself is ghetto and because its expensive its bugie.
作者 NastyNate 2003年12月26日
Beautiful Ghetto - Ghetto booty
Yo, I am bu-ghetto!
作者 Jhvetto-Lvet's Zvunce! 2002年12月07日
beyond ghetto
a 99 cent cheese burger and a 1.50 movie ghetto
作者 liltank2069 2003年7月06日


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