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A cornstarch and water mixture used in thickening stews, sauces, etc. The term has been used by U.S. Army mess hall cooks, and it is presumably derived from its resemblance to bull semen.
A bull fuck is often used when making shit on a shingle.
作者 Beer Hunter 2006年4月03日
a variation of bullshit, but 3x worse
oh bullfuck were surrounded
作者 Devan Benoit 2006年5月11日
A more severe variation of bullshit Usually refers to a blatant and rediculous lie.
You're gonna kick my ass? That's bullfuck and you know it.
作者 Chien 2003年12月05日
1. a more extreme synonym for "bullshit".
2. something that is unfair, or fucked up.
"dude, my mom found my stash and threw it all away, it was total Bullfuck!
作者 .Marek. 2009年1月16日
a worse person than an asshole
Those assholes are a bunch of bullfucks
作者 caseyinseattle 2015年9月10日
A place out in the sticks; some place nobody's ever heard of.
The guy comes from somewhere out in bull-fuck North Dakota.
作者 Iodine 2004年4月05日
A version of bullshit and fuck used by Rocco of Winamac.
Rocco bullfucks his brother Brice every night!
作者 Dameon666 2007年3月31日



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