Best used to describe an individual who has just acted like a spastic or retard, in a moment of complete mental decomposition, or comedic purposes.

A moment of social ineptitude would also qualify for you to call someone a cabbage.
*Matt walks into door*

John; Matt, you fucking cabbage!
作者 CompulsiveDribbler304 2011年4月08日
someones head
ill split ya cabbage
作者 the autonomous heartbeat 2009年5月29日
money, cash, dough, or dollars
yo dawg you got the cabbage?
作者 chasedadcaptainds 2008年4月03日
A derogatory term used by Discordians to refer to people who don't "get it". This stems from the Discordian belief that 85% of the "human" population is actually cabbages disguised as humans.
Let's go confuse some cabbage!
作者 Eris 2003年6月22日
Used to describe a person who commits foolish acts, more stupid than a muppet but just short of being a mong.
Shaun, you had better sell that motorbike because your riding like a cabbage.
作者 non giron 2012年10月01日
to cabbage (v): to be in a state of frustration and/or bitterness about situations; often used under negative connotations.
man, that guy was being such a cabbage
作者 pootytang112 2009年4月27日
One who is all head (thinks and talks too much) and no ass (the ass to back it up)
That punk's got no ass. He's a cabbage.
作者 imonkey 2006年11月24日



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