common word used to replace cunt should you not want to offend whoever you're talking to.
GF (with friends): "Hey baby"
BF: "Awww baby, why'd you bring those cabbages"
作者 Superiority 2007年9月12日
A punch directed at the anus of another, With the intention to punch so hard the reciever on contact craps themself
Joe: Hey dude i gave alex a cabbage

Jack: Aw sweet man he smells like shit.
作者 Joe =D 2007年6月02日
A way to say money made famous by a Comcast commercial.
Save some cabbage by ordering Comcast today!
作者 Kaitlynfosho 2007年1月30日
Implausibly large sprout. Quite scary.
That cabbage is looking at me, please make it stop.
作者 cactuscat 2006年9月15日
A term to describe something or someone that is really bad or lame
Man that Care Bear Movie was total cabbage
That Kenny G (in the key of G)is a real cabbage
作者 Undy Bumgrope 2004年6月22日
weed, pot, swank, wakie tobackie, herb, hydro
Hey man, you got any cabbage?
作者 Zane 2003年12月16日
A feeling just above 'average'.
Feeling a little cabbages
作者 Ancorrs 2011年5月17日



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