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A person of Puerto Rican discent, born in California. Most of them have never been to the Island though, but pretend to know everything there is to know about their heritage. Caliricans also hate being mistaken for Mexicans.
Martinez is such a Calirican! I told him to go back to Mexico, but he got pissed and treatened to put a cap in my ass. I told him to shut his pie hole and get his US citizenship.
作者 El Gaillo 2005年3月26日
Caliricans are a rare species of puerto ricans. They are known for there veary large penises. Unlike fenskers enjoy the opposite sex. This type is also the most dangerous kind beacuse of racial mix with the Mexican gangs in california.
so your puerto rican and lived in california? u must be a calirican.

SHUT the FUCK up u Fensker!
作者 Boricua 2005年3月27日
couldnt it also be someone from costa rica who lives in california?
"my mom is from costa rica and now lives in california"
作者 anonymous 2005年3月29日
Calirican(s) are known to have Puerto Rican heritage and live in California. They are immersed in the West Coast "cool and chill" mentality, but never lose their flavor. They embrace their culture, the music, and don't forget the food of Puerto Rico which is damn tasty. Despite being across the country from the mainland, Caliricans are in love with Puerto Rican history and cultura. That's right.
So I'm a "Calirican " You know, a Puerto Rican but really.. I'm from California. Tu sabes! We 're all about chillin' but we hustle mami all at the same time.
作者 lemalemarci 2016年6月13日


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