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A vulger slang term for the female sex organ.
We don't talk about the "campus" around boys Ortega. It's not something sisters do.
作者 Brock Heron 2007年10月17日
a piece of crap, or something that always breaks.
That heaters such a campu!
作者 grappler89 2005年3月03日
Campusing is a move in rock climbing in which no feet are used.
Did you see how strong that big dude was?! He campused that entire overhang!
作者 skk 2006年10月08日
a piece of crap,or something that is always broken. Used after something doesn't work.
That heaters a campu.
The lights shut off! Campu!
作者 grappler89 2005年3月03日


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