Another term for a pickpocket.
Keep tabs on that young cannon.
作者 Pcooper 2008年5月05日
The person doesn't mean it
Josh says,"i love you.", he don't mean it. So he says, "Cannon!"
作者 mizzsweethoney1 2008年5月02日
N. a huge uncircumsized cock.
D.J. has a Cannon!
See D.j. matha freakin guiles
作者 Ghost faced killah 2008年1月29日
A sexy girl that can fight hard sexy girls fighting
jacky is a cannon and she is sexy she can hold her own
作者 Jessboy11 2007年8月09日
An over-circumcised penis, with the entire head removed. A penis with no helmet.
Why does a 25 year old American male think that Jewish people walk around with cannons in their pants?
作者 Flavavitz 2006年11月23日



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