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Being deceived over facebook as the deceiver professed their romantic feelings to his/her victim, but isn't who they say they are.
Having a fake facebook profile, images and avatar in order to lure people to have romantic feelings. They are then catfished when the victim realises the person they have falled for via facebook is not who they APPEAR to be
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作者 dottykai 2011年5月04日
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having a relationship of any sort with someone on social media that isn't who they say they are, by using someone else pictures or living a totally different lifestyle than what they told you.
man, she catfished me
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作者 trill_out 2014年4月06日
Fooled, hoaxed, pranked.
We got catfished by Lance Armstrong.
#katfished #fooled #pranked #hoaxed #swindelled
作者 AgapeAnna 2013年1月17日
To be deceived or lead on by someone on any social network, or chat session who's claiming to be someone or something they're not and tries anything to make you believe them with words that might interest you. While they're just sitting behind whatever devices they're using and their true identity is being concealed while giving you false information about themselves.

A typical catfisher would:
*Use False info or identification
*tells or sends you anything that interests you (very romantic or sexual
*will ask for money or talk you into joining any website you got to pay for.
*will constantly go through great lengths to ignore or make up an excuse to avoid any telephone conversation or video chatting.

How to avoid it:
*ask as many questions possible and see how they react.
*video chat or have a telephone conversation with them a few times.
*check their pictures or info out (Google the images they use)
I've almost been Catfished by someone who is a transsexual.
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作者 val_venis 2015年2月26日
To stir up any situation with an underlying factor that has been hidden or unknown to one or several people.
Dude, I totally catfished my girlfriend today and things went well! I confessed to her that I bought her and I a new house and she is so down to move in!
#catfish #mtv #surprise #shock #confess
作者 Tavvington 2013年4月23日


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