a person who resembles his father in looks and behavior.
That guy is just like his father; a chip off the old block.
作者 Dotti Caper 2010年2月04日
A quick hit, usually to the face or chin. To punch or jab someone.
Yo I swear da next time I see dat nigga imma chip him
作者 jerz nigga 2009年3月25日
another name for chewing tobacco or dip. commonly referred to as throwing in the chip, or puttin in a fat lip.
yo zessie, wanna go throw in the chip?

lets go pack the chip.
作者 big zon 2009年3月12日
being instructed to run, leave quickly
yo! u best chip now or ya gettin a beatin
作者 Mack-S12 2008年10月28日
the dried feces stuck to the tip of the penis after unprotected anal sex
when jerry finally pulled out, he had chip on his tip
作者 scuttlebutt 2008年3月06日
Your cheek and your lip.
I turned when she tried to kiss me and she totally got me on the chip.
作者 jdizzle69 2007年12月01日
To give chips is to give someone head.
Guy 1: Oi did she give you chips?
Guy 2: Yerrrr mate me gyal gives me chips lyk im tha don
Guy 1: Fuckin' sick bro!
作者 thadon89 2011年6月09日



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