The area between the penis and the anus.
"Baby, don't suck on my choad."
作者 Shire 2004年4月28日
a square freaky dick
brian bell can't keep his hands off his choad
作者 joe 2004年4月07日
bryant's cock, that happens to be wider than it is long...when it becomes erect it gets wider instead of longer.....
作者 DjEzE 2004年2月02日
a guy with "small man syndrome." he is short and needs a huge S.U.V. and muscles and is very cocky. huge asshole. Is called a choad because he has small man syndrome which means he has a short fat penis.
That guy is such a choad.
He was so choady
作者 Kelly 2003年9月29日
A medium sized boy, ofcourse with a dick that is wider than it is long and a rhyming sirname. However this word is used in replacement.
Characteristics include:-
Deep Arrogance
and a wide awful taste in music
"No Choads" just no
Choads that sounds awful
I've told you many times, you can't play bass.
作者 Mixemotosis 2003年8月10日
a penis whose diameter is greater that the leangth as measured from the top.
A very short fat penis may be a choad, if indeed it is fat or short enough.
作者 char 2003年7月30日
a penis that is wider then it is long
come put your fat ass ugly choad in my moulth
作者 Ch-OW-d 2003年4月11日


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