To chrome - to have sex
last night i went to go chrome this girl when she texted me saying she drank too much...bitch
作者 Senathan Rome 2011年4月03日
A can of spray paint used by graffiti artists. Chrome is a favoured colour for painting with due to it's varsatility. Particulary one brand of can called an "XXXL Chrome" It's f**king massive. "XL Chrome" for short.
"I stepped up to the train with a chrome and painted my name"
作者 Jam 2004年11月09日
to inhale, smell, get high off....
the art of smelling :P
paint, spray, cleaning agents, nail-polish...u name it
作者 chicka-dee 2004年10月28日
A stupid user who goes to and spams the portal with his HOT HENTAI SLUTS flashes, until big bad Wade came and deleted all of them which resulted in him being banned from the portal.
I'm going to pull a Chrome- on Newgrounds.

I'm going to crap up the portal.
作者 lolkthnx 2005年2月17日
Any articles of jewellery.
Thats some nice chrome you got on your neck.
作者 Dairique 2006年12月06日
a piece
the fool talked shit, so I pulled out my chrome and pumped that fool full of led
作者 Franklin 2003年3月10日
With reference to the handgun definitions, chrome can be used to express satisfaction or approval about pretty much anything.
"Michael, have you seen my new fresh orange sqeeuzer?"
"Shit bitch, that is CHROME!"
"No, it's stainless steel. It matches the blender..." (etc)
作者 Bonny lad 2004年11月14日


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