How ganstas say you.
Sup wit chu tonite girl.
作者 tru wanksta 2003年7月14日
A form of communication only used amongst the springbreakers of Burnam Rd.
Do you want to come over and Chu before we go to Generic?

I just chu'd in my pants!

chuuu chuuuuu chuuuu ? ochuuu.

What do chuuu want from me? - Adam Lambert
作者 Nurse Jizz 2010年6月15日
First of all, ignore whatever shit the other people said was the definition of this word....

CHUS is a victory cheer like saying yes really enthusiasticly but 10 times more fierce and all cramming into a tiny little word of awesomeness.... so there you go
CHUS! (screamed as you go zippity down a waterslide)

person 1: that ride was sickkkk!
person 2: hell to the chus, maaaan!
作者 mrs. bonbeansprout hell chus 2010年8月10日
The pimp way to say the word you. People with the name Daniel are unable and will never be able to say chu without sounding faggy!
yo, did chu got aids, lil jessica told me chu got it from that nasty chick from chem class.
作者 chumaster 2010年1月22日
the small quiet chinese kid in your class that dances for peanuts.
Ha look at the chu in the corner
作者 chulover69 2009年1月27日
a female sex organ
she wanted to have sex but i told her she need to save her chu first
作者 sallenb 2010年2月16日
young chinese woman who looks like man
"she looks like a chu"
作者 anime_hater 2009年4月15日



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