fluffy and fat
hubbyy chubby fat cat
作者 john pelliter 2009年7月10日
An L(Dutch) that is huge. Up to one inch in diameter.
Hey man, smoke this chubby with me. I can't finish it myself.
作者 The Other Mongoose 2008年5月10日
A Chubby is another word for an erection.
Wow that girl is giving me a chubby!
作者 LAWLERSKATES11111 2009年6月18日
A nice way of saying one is fat.
"Am I fat?" Asks Fat Louise
"Oh no of course not, your just chubby..."

Also; see big boned.
作者 Sibyl Vane 2004年5月27日
v. To accidentally let slip information relating to your porn watching habits.
I really chubby when I accidentally told my friends I watched Japanese tentacle goat porn.
作者 AJV the Man 2009年12月07日
an excited, fully erect smiling penis.
作者 LittleBigGirl 2010年6月15日
a chubbie is someone who eats too much and doesnt do enough exercise, they spend far too much time on MSN. India is a definate example!!!
i don't want a chubby anywhere near me!!!
作者 GOD 2005年1月31日



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