when you are surrounded by secondhand smoke and get high as a result
1. I wasnt going to get high at the party, but they clamed me and i ended up passing out.
作者 c-c-c-cinnamon lips 2005年4月27日
a clam is a form of animal in a shell

a clam is eadible

a clam is a person who resembles an idiot
geez yer a clam
作者 w00x 2004年1月08日
an alcoholic
from the intensely moist pallor of a booze hound suffering from the DTs.
Check out that old clam by the bar!
作者 lillie 2005年1月11日
drop the clam cletus - you dont wanna hurt nobody do ya?
作者 Bob 2003年10月26日



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