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one who is an expert at the handling of his cock and administering it's services to the female gender.
Gudani is a master cocksmith
作者 clarence whorley 2005年3月01日
The profession of crafting artificial penises, dicks, "cocks" and other penetrating falic fabrications for the purpose of self sexual satisfaction.
John Holmes was approached by many cocksmith's wishing to copy his endowment.
作者 burt macklyn 2015年1月24日
A man who works with a cock, with the energy and passion a blacksmith or locksmith puts into his job.
I'm not speaking from experience, but I think it's fair to say Mike is a proper cocksmith
作者 Metalspork 2007年11月13日
one who seizes or manipulates the cock with great force and accuracy.
You're such a cocksmith
作者 CWinget 2006年2月24日
Someone who portrays the very essence
of cock; delighted with the very thought
of cock on a per diem basis.
That man is strange, for he appears to
be a legendary cocksmith.
作者 Jay Tota 2003年4月08日
A man who gets action all the time.
Jimmy is such a cock-smith his wanker hurts after every weekend.
作者 Jack M. E'Offer 2006年7月21日
some one who plays with and or makes a hobby out of the male genitals.
You homo your a dirty little cock smith
作者 LerStyle 2005年6月06日



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