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A city in Texas an hour east of Dallas With a school that double's the towns population.
It's quiet and boring with few things to do outside the "WALMART" and watching cuties walk to class
I'm in commerce now trying to fix my car so I can get out. Good thing there are so many females walking around
作者 jerm Mckay 2005年6月11日
Exchange, intercourse, exchange by purchase.
The commerce of the business went well.
作者 Larstait 2003年11月14日
The transacting of goods or services, or, according to the third definition provided by, sexual intercourse
"Most late night meetings with vulnerable and supple female interns are in the interest of commerce"
作者 Pedro the spicy 2005年8月29日
the change form of money, coins, coinage.
"i dont have much money, i only have commerce."
作者 tim88976 2005年6月11日


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