V. To talk to, have a conversation with, or converse

Used by adorable infuriating confusing boys from the south to make you want them.

Usually spoken in a southern twang/accent.
I'm trying to conversate with you but you keep talking over me about stupid stuff you FUCK! DUMB
作者 Micksweettea 2010年10月02日
1. To have a conversation; the exchange of conversation.

2. Shoot the Breeze
I would like to conversate with you now about your idea but I am already late for a meeting.

Let's just kick back and conversate.
作者 Sreyem 2010年6月26日
A conversation which takes place in the shower.
1. Each person must be showering

2. Each person must be fully nude

3. Each person must be in a separate stall
Hey want to go conversate after the game?
作者 westegghall 2010年6月12日
For somebody to watch others converse
Brittany's mom had to conversate her and her friend
作者 HinkerDinker 2010年6月28日
To partake in a conversation
"You are so easy to conversate with" said Bill to Jill
作者 Bengina27 2009年5月03日
to converse. to hold a conversation.
"Conversate sex on the first date"
作者 Bengwell 2007年12月20日
Word that ignorant reporters use in order to sound intelligent when speaking to President of the United States. Usually causes embarrasment to all those of the reporter's race.
"The two people began to conversate when the President entered."
作者 Cody A. 2006年1月26日



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