Got Milk?
作者 Just Like Campbells...MmMm Good 2003年6月21日
an acronym for sex
I really want some cookies.

That girl is so hot, I want to have cookies with her.
作者 MegaMix 2008年7月10日
hot lesbian sex yummy mmm mmm good
Mary and I were having cookies last night when we were talking on the phone with Casey and John.
作者 Double D Unit 2007年4月02日
n.)The slab of skin below the chin

v.) when one cups their hand under a person's chin and recites, "cookies"
He crept up and touched his cookie.
作者 Con Candles 2005年1月30日
The part that is around a womens nipple, usually a passionate strawberry color.
"Did you see the "cooks" on that one?"
作者 Mason Beveridge 2004年2月23日
the practice of smooching with your significant other.
he gave me alot of cookies and i loved it.
作者 yummyummandbuttbutt 2009年1月21日
A word used to describe someone who is a sex god.
Mark is really gross, but Evan is Cookies.
作者 Hannahhh<3 2007年2月05日
what grandma has soft ones of.
I'm eating grandma's soft cookies and they're gorgeous!
作者 Aron D 2007年3月23日



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