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Mary and I were having cookies last night when we were talking on the phone with Casey and John.
#milk #santa #sexy time #fun #hot
作者 Double D Unit 2007年4月02日
n.)The slab of skin below the chin

v.) when one cups their hand under a person's chin and recites, "cookies"
He crept up and touched his cookie.
作者 Con Candles 2005年1月30日
When a girl is giving a guy a handjob and she keeps going and giong. Eventually it looks like Cookie dough. My friend Mike told me that.
Chris wants me to give him cookies, but calls me a prude when I say no.
作者 I'm not telling you 2004年6月20日
one day, a girl had 6 cookies. it was the first time she ever had cookies with a boy. many people around her realized "cookies" was slang.. for.. :gasp:... SEX.
man: i really want some sex.
girl: no, you really want some cookies, and i'm afraid you can't handle all the cookies i'm about to give you.
作者 Samantha 2004年5月14日
the practice of smooching with your significant other.
he gave me alot of cookies and i loved it.
#cookies #kisses #smooching #significant #other
作者 yummyummandbuttbutt 2009年1月21日
what grandma has soft ones of.
I'm eating grandma's soft cookies and they're gorgeous!
#cookies #grandma #soft ones #soft cookies #eating grandma
作者 Aron D 2007年3月23日
A word used to describe someone who is a sex god.
Mark is really gross, but Evan is Cookies.
#hot #sexy #lovely #drummer #evan
作者 Hannahhh<3 2007年2月05日


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