That's Cooky!
作者 Chaniqua Smith 2008年8月10日
crazy, wild, wierd, oddly shaped
That man was so cooky!
作者 danielle1 2008年2月09日
the slang term used among stoners to discribe weed
dude did you bring the cookies i brought the papers
作者 mr.weedninja 2011年4月30日
Engrish spelling of cookie.
Milk and cookys.
作者 Haruka Hoshino 2009年12月22日
a way to say sex when you want to tell your friend who got laid without getting tattled on by your younger sister or getting detention from your strict teacher.

inspired by a nigahiga skitzo video.
Girl 1: omg, Sarah had cookies with Ryan- again!
Girl 2: are you effin serious?
Little sister: *continues to watch Elmo*
作者 smileybabes 2010年10月16日
Sex, usually used in times of crisis when a sibling or parent walks in on a sexual conversation. It can be used as a cover word or for recreational purposes.

Words also used in this sense are:
Ice cream - Oral Sex.
Cake - HJ and/or Fingering (Depending on 'flavor' of cake)
Brownie - Anal Sex.
Guy - Yeah, I can't believe I just got-

*Young child walks into room*

Guy - ..... Cookies....

Child - I want some cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!

Guy - They're worth the wait, but it's best when the cookies are fresh.

*Girl laughs*
作者 Tom Wynn 2011年5月31日
another term for weed to use around public without anyone knowin
Yo man I got some cookies we gone eat em all tonight!
作者 niggerbitch11234 2011年2月03日



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