gettin slutty on the kitchen counter
Xinancy got a little cooky after a few cocktails.
作者 Bra-Thur-Man 2010年10月29日
An 8 ball (3.5 gram) crack cocaine rock
Tyrell is slangin mad cookies that's why he's rollin a Cutlass on 30's

Javontay robbed Martell for 10 cookies up at the Days Inn
作者 C Nificent 2009年6月20日
It is another word for pussy.
That nigga think because he gave me some money that he gonna get some cookies. Not this bitch!!!
作者 Ms. 813 2008年1月04日
The word "cookies" is a euphemism for the word breasts, boobs or boobies :)
Jake: Hi there, I love your cookies ;)
Gabby: Thanks sexy, I love ypurs to :P
作者 Jakey19 2014年2月05日
1. a delicious food that many people like to eat

2. Or two a random word used when there is nothing else to say....
1. chocolate flavoured :)

2. Hello



nm wbu?



作者 lolzarayy 2011年1月12日
Key to Heaven.
Omg Cookies! Must Eat!!
作者 Rainbow!~ 2010年2月06日
what some websites and internet explorer use to track your information across the internet.
Tools>internet options>delete cookies
作者 Mr Orange 2004年8月23日



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