A word which can be used for any possible situation.
When someone's angry
When some one does a good job
When you are not interested in a conversation
To avoid someone
To say something is awesome
To define an awesome person!
Cool down!

A:I bought a new mobile

X:I saw a movie yesterday

"Man,he is so cool"
作者 Vinks 2014年7月24日
If tupac raps about it
"Alezá is actually a wine cooler, but 2pac raps about it so it's cool"
作者 BossAssBitch1 2013年10月19日
To ignore what someone has said and express you don't care about what he/she/it said.
Person: I'm the best with Irelia in LoL

Friend: Cool.
作者 Indelicate 2012年1月10日
1.someone well known and someone people want to be like.
2. something that is popular, like a hobbie etc.
1. emma and ciara are so COOL. they just act so COOL.
2. i feel so COOL when i go swimming.
作者 geradike 2012年1月03日
1. Popular, well liked.
Mark Johnson is really COOL.
作者 RADDAD70 2011年7月18日
staying calm or not showing emotions, especially nervousness or fear
Cool Gene Simmons
作者 Justin Zemorra 2009年6月28日
Miles Davis movement of music in the late 50s and early 60s
Birth of the Cool
作者 KayMil 2008年10月24日



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