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Fried pork rinds usually with hot sauce drippin off that shit.
Aye, my nigga lemme get some of the cracklins!!
#porkrinds #cracks #porky porky #rinds #good ass shit
作者 Smileytattoos 2006年7月07日
the extra fried pieces of fried batter from Captain D's that is left over from the fried fish that falls off or the extra that is on your fried fish. This is the best part. You can order a side of cracklins....they are fabulous! (just like little crunchy batter)
Get me an order of cracklins please!
#batter #fried #fish #good #fabulous
作者 brkavich 2010年6月04日
- Fried pork fat. Popular in the South.

- Tiny white people.

Keisha: "MMMmmm, I love me some cracklings!!" Chomp, Chomp.

Ray-ray: "Damn, ho! You keep eating those cracklings, and I'll be frying yo ass and sellin it!"

Terell: "Fuck, nigga! I had a dream that a hundred little cracklins tied me up and forced me to listen to Barry Manilow! Then they made me take out a high-interest loan!"

Bank: " That wasn't a dream. You're being evicted. Oh, I love Manilow!!"
#cracka #porkrinds #nigga #fat ass #honkey.
作者 Jvarna5 2008年3月15日
A person who is at the peak of their crack high. Common signs are: walking through traffic barefoot, talking to oneself, demanding to know where the nearest cigarette shop is, and nervous fidgeting and scratching.
"Damn, that crazy bitch is cracklin'"
#crack #high #drug #meth #crazy #insane #drug addict
作者 MANCAR 2007年10月25日
A joint full of crackers
Hell na! this joint is cracklin!
作者 Biatch!! 2005年6月01日
a sort of greeting much like happenin.
Hey penis wrinkle, whats cracklin?
作者 JugGer 2003年12月30日


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