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n. Crappy chicken nuggets that leigh makes for her little sister. Similar to the school chicken nuggets.
Wow, those crap nuggets taste like...crap!
作者 concerned citizen 2003年2月10日
The head of a Marijuana plant that when smoked, has a bad taste.
This Marijuana is pure crap nuggets.
作者 John Port 2003年9月12日
hence a nugget full of crap.
hence Adrielle's (who is a sketchgasm) face is a crap nugget hence her face is a nugget full of crap.
作者 Olivia S. 2008年1月22日
Used to express pain or shock. It was a rare phrase but became more common when Metroman used it in Megamind.
Crap nuggets!
作者 Trisha1 2016年9月13日


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