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Crack, a mixture of cocaine and various other chemical substances.
Gotta get ma Crill. I'll suck yo dick fo some crill. Hit this crill bitch...
作者 Metal Face 2005年9月10日
crack coccaine
he slangs mad crills down the block
作者 daprophet 2003年7月14日
A ghetto term for Crack Cocaine.
Man, that nigga Funk be smokin' mad crill.
作者 Kaelek~ Jackie Journer 2011年3月31日
Noun. Crack Cocaine or the act of being on drugs or having something on your mind that makes you act like you are on drugs.

The act of being sketchy with a relation to drug use.
1. You're on crills!
2. What kind of crills are you on?
3. Where'd you get those crills?
作者 eat-a-micro-dot 2008年12月07日
To twist or fall over.
I stepped on a piece of tape and crilled my ankle.
作者 Pookey72 2011年5月01日
to be cracked out or to act in a cracked out way, including by scaring others; being generally grimy and gross
Nikki: It's crill that you're rocking back and forth, holding yourself, while slumped on the sidewalk here in public, Melissa.
Melissa: That's because I'm crill.
作者 Nuggette 2008年11月09日
Cool, good, pleasing
"did you hear about that party Saturday? It was pretty crill."
作者 Crillgurl 2012年9月05日


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