Basically another term for Brooklyn.
"Crooklyn Dodgers" is an ill song
作者 Hamydeez 2003年10月05日
Slang Term for the New York neighborhood "Brooklyn"
Crooklyn's in the house!
作者 AC 2004年2月09日
Crooklyn is a slang used for a part of Brooklyn that I filled with Crips. Crops often try to disrespect members of a faggot gang called Bloods. To do this, we change the "B" to a "C" which is the first letter in crip.
Big locc~ "Aye cuhh what part of criped out Ny we gon' be in today."

Li'l locc~ " You already know cuh. We gon' be in Crooklyn to represent."
作者 bkloodkilla60 2015年6月08日


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