Normally a girl but can be a guy. A cum pig is someone who loves the taste and feel of cum in and on them. A cum pig will always be looking for guys to have sex with on a day to day routine. They will normally go for the hot guys first but will pick out the ugly guys if all the guy hot guys are taken. Cum pigs are normally into all types of sex orgies and all types of degrading sex and all 99% of the time total submissive.
OMG i am a total interracial cum pig i went to a cum party last night and had sex with 15 black guys before the night was done.
作者 tiff6969 2010年4月27日
Top Definition
A homosexual who craves the feeding of semen into the orifice of the mouth or the rectum.
Mateo, drops to his knees when the two men entered the room, the first cock slid down his throat to deposit a thick load, the other slid up his loose manpussy and rocked him to orgasm as his pussy was filled with thick frothy load.
作者 Mateo Ybanez 2003年9月04日
A person having a great desire to consume large amounts of ejaculate, while displaying a hungry frenzied piglike demeanor.
The cumpigs body squirmed violently as she choked on dick and swallowed her last breath, a huge explosion of thick globby cum down her throat.
作者 cuntmouth 2006年7月28日
A person, male or female that so craves the feel and taste of sperm, they will have sex with two men at the same time, one anal or vaginal, the other oral, seeking the maximum amount of sperm from the transaction. Cum pigs love the feeling of degradation they get from being screwed by two men at the same time, often hoping to have the cum sprayed on their bodies, esp. the face.
She took it from both guys last night, at the same time. When the popped on on her face, they realized what a horny cum pig she was.
作者 Miguel Exilito 2008年5月13日
A fat girl who likes to fuck. They have no standards or anyone else going for their ass. A cum pig.
Look at that cum pig." "Matty sure loves a good cum pig.
作者 hotdogman1982 2010年7月22日
A fat girl who likes to fuck. They have no standards or anyone else going for their ass. A cum pig.
Matty sure loves a nice cum pig.
作者 hotdogman1982 2010年7月22日


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