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How many curtain climbers you got in the house?
作者 Mike Chuich 2003年4月23日
Curtain Climbers gravitate to anything that they can abuse! Whether dogs, floor cabinets, tables or even pant legs. They are frequently observed attempting to eat television remotes, intact dog hair and window sills. But they are nowhere near the threat of the ANKLE BITER.
Would someone please take my remote away from the Curtain Climber and disinfect it!
#ankle biter #linoleum lizard #nipple nuzzler #babbling bouncer #rug rat
作者 Grumpy Grandpa 2014年9月03日
One who climbs curtains of all shape, size, and material while effortlessly owning noobs in any way shape or form.
Ninja's on the ninja obsticle course are one example of curtain climbers.
#ninjas #can kickers #asians #lawlzorians #kitten kickers.
作者 Charlie Hartnett 2008年2月21日
A crack head. paranoid. Constantly getting up to look out the window to make sure the cops arent coming. Nosey person, wanting to know whats going on all the damn time. Frequently seen at ghetto apartment complexes, cheap hotels, projects and pych wards.
Dude, this bitch was curtain climbing everytime the wind blew.
作者 Nikita 2004年12月05日


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