A fake condition of the foot from tan line made by wearing flip flop sandals in excess in the sun that gives the apperance of having extremely dirty feet.
Look how fucking dirty her feet look, must be DFS.
作者 Poopooheadforreal 2009年3月20日
Designated D.U.F.F. Snatcher- The friend in the group that always seems to grab the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Also See: WingMan
"Dude, who is going to wingman tonight?"

"Tommy is. Hes always the DFS"
作者 BigFootRay06 2009年7月09日

short for Doucher Face Syndrome

When you don't even know a guy, but you can already tell that he is a douchebag.


any guy that wears his collar popped, has a barbed wire tatoo on his arm, or wears designer clothes to impress girls, etc...

At a party...

guy #1- do you know who that is?

guy #2- i have no clue, but he looks like he has major DFS
作者 scottie too hottie89 2009年4月09日
dead fucking serious
oh ur so fulla shit...

no, im DFS!
作者 anagcan 2008年11月02日
means/stands for 'Damn Fucking Shit'
dfs i forgot my cell phone again
作者 Crazy Emmy 2007年6月21日
(Dinny fink sae): Dinny fink sae (or 'I don't think so') to disagree or indicate that a person may be 'Talking bollocks for Scotland'.
An example of its use: Macaulay: Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend Jonny: Dinny fink sae.
作者 VAKI5 2003年8月18日
Dumb Fuck Syndrome
Holy shit this guy has DFS
作者 IcY 2003年6月09日



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