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Something that is just plain fuckin awesome, best of da best.
Dood, i watched Blade Trinity last night, it was da shit, u gotta see it!
作者 ken-dawg 2004年12月18日
Meanign the best of the best, nothing is better.
that girls ass is da shit
作者 Ben 2004年12月16日
great or amazing
P dizzle is DA Shit
#great #awesome #magic #supacool #amazing
作者 Sparky13 2009年3月26日
1. Slang for "diarrhea". Usually associated with (but not limited to) eating poorly prepared foods. See also Montezuma's Revenge.

2. The shortest review of "The Da Vinci Code".
1. "I knew I shouldn't have had that raw steak with eggs. Now I got Da Shits."

2. The Da Vinci Code was Da Shits
作者 Brainiac 2005年1月09日
When one can't stop shitting
Man I got Da Shits
作者 The Man 2001年7月23日


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